LGBTQIA+ Mini Summer Camp

LGBTQIA+ Mini Summer Camp 2325.8.2024

Peer support Mini Summer Camp for young people who belong to a gender minority, are gender non-conforming or are pondering questions about gender and gender identity. The camp is for people between 15–21 years of age. 

It is the first time the associationRaseborgs Regnbåge rf arranges this event that will take place  the August 23–25 in Vimonböle in Raseborg, 15 km from Ekenäs. Young people from all of Finland are welcome. We arrange transport from Ekenäs railway station. Travels to and from Ekenäs need to be paid for and arranged independently. Unfortunately the house where we stay is not accessible. 

The price of 50€ includes accommodation, food and all program. Get in touch with us if your participation depends on the fee and we will figure something out.

During the camp we speak Swedish, Finnish and English depending on the participants. 


Our wish is to offer a space with queer peers where we can all rest and spend time together. Questions, thoughts and peer support related to gender diversity are always welcome, but the camp can also be a place where gender does not specifically need to be discussed.

During the camp we will have some low-threshold program, common activities and free time. 

Participants have the possibility to affect what we do. The place where we stay in itself offers many opportunities. We can feed, care for, and be with cats, horses and chickens. Go for a swim. Row a boat. Paddle a kayak. Play games. There is a pingpong table, pétanque, football etc. We can paint, draw, write. We can talk, go for a walk. Move. Dance. Rest. Read. Just be. Dig a hole. Build something. We can go to sauna. Make a cinema in the garden. Cook together. Do some work in the garden. Simply have a nice time together, with, next to, around each other. 

It is always possible to take a break from the program for a while to recharge. 


In a beautiful environment close to nature we sleep in a big beautiful old house that was built in 1886. Besides Lehmus and their family, on the premises also live two cats, a horse, a pony and four chickens.

Accommodation is on the second floor (the cats stay on the first floor.) Depending on the number of participants, a private room can be arranged if needed. During the camp we follow Raseborgs Regnbåge’s principles for safer space. You can read them here:


Use of perfumes is avoided during the camp.

The camp is alcohol and drug free.

All food served at the camp is vegan and can sometimes be prepared together.

You can apply for the camp by filling out the application form no later than August 16th 2024. The form is found below or by clicking here.

If you are under 18 years old, you’ll need permission from a caregiver to participate.

The camp is organised by the association Raseborgs Regnbåge and is supported financially by the Seta ry, City of Raseborg, Brita Maria Renlunds stiftelse and Konstsamfundet.


If you have any questions regarding the camp please contact us by e-mail at